3 Steps To Becoming A Hyper-Local Expert | JP & Associates REALTORS®

Instead of trying to be all things to all people, successful top producers today are focusing on a specific area. Top producers are specialists, not generalists.

How do you go about becoming known as a local expert? Here are three steps to consider.

First, make sure your database is ready to support you and your growth! Your database has never been more important – with AI (artificial intelligence) plugins happening all over – you must have a robust database. Your relationship with your database is your defense and offense for anything that happens in the future. A robust database allows you to leverage AI enabled newsletters with predictive AI, like Home Actions. Your database is truly one of the most valuable assets of your real estate practice.

Second, find a market that fits your selling style. Then, find an area ready for your focus. If you sell condos, find a great community with them, and stake your claim. Once you know what you’re passionate about selling, you can start to target a market that matches your strengths. Maybe investors are your specialty, and you can create a video, blog, and private email notifications about the “Investment Property Of The Week.”

Third, leverage video. A bad video is better than no video. Consistency and value are key. Interview the local business owner, the local school principal, the local charity leader. Highlight on video community events and more. Sprinkle in some real estate trends and facts, and you have a winning formula to be known as the local area expert.

With so many real estate agents out there, focusing on a specific niche helps you compete. Be known for something! Once you’ve chosen your expertise, you’ll attract a particular clientele. Get the most from your marketing activities by keeping a razor-sharp focus on your targeting.

I once worked with an agent who had one specialty – self-storage units – he built a great life and a business from being the go-to person and expert in self-storage

Have fun with your research. Find out what’s relevant to consumers in your locale. The more you know about your local market the more comfortable potential consumers are when engaging your services.

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