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Put First Things First

Put First Things First

Happy Monday. Last week I wrote about sharpening the saw… continuing with that theme today. As we learned together from the Stephen Covey video,  to become a master of your time, you need to first be aware of your priorities in the larger context. The framework that I will be sharing with you in this blog is — the Time Management Matrix — it is designed to help you structure your daily activities and deal with them based on priority. Take a look:


Time Management Matrix

Think of each square as a quadrant. The top left, urgent and important is Q1; important and non-urgent is Q2; non-important and urgent is Q3 and Q4 is non-important and the non-urgent. Take a look at this summary of dealing with each quadrant:

Q-1 Tasks: Manage immediately to get them out of the way. Spend the required effort such that they do not blow out of portion.

Q-2 Tasks: Focus disproportionately due to the high payoff from the investment.

Q-3 Tasks: Delegate, automate, or eliminate due to their urgent nature, but be minimally involved as they are not important.

Q-4 Tasks: Dump them as they are neither important nor urgent.

The table below illustrates a breakdown of how effective people allocate their time. The bigger the quadrant size, the more time you spend on it:


The Ideal Time Management Matrix


How do you choose to invest your time this week?

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Episode 15 : Success From Scratch

Episode 15 : Success From Scratch

In this week’s episode of “Success From Scratch,” the team leaders of The Star Group, Felicia and Greg Johnson shares how JP and Associates REALTORS® has inspired them to give back to the community and their secret to their success as a team.

We make sure that our clients feel that they are #1!  

– Felicia and Greg Johnson, JP and Associates REALTORS®

Episode 12 : Success From Scratch

Episode 12 : Success From Scratch

In this week’s episode, Howard Ashkinos shares how his passion for helping others got him into real estate and now, as the Vice President for National Franchising at JP and Associates REALTORS®.

“A true coach is helping somebody get from where they are, to where they want to be” – Howard Ashkinos, JP and Associates REALTORS®

Execution is a NOUN!

Execution is a NOUN!

Execution is a NOUN!

Take action, NOW!

Here is what I know, no book, no certification, no training, no coaching program or pill will EVER help you succeed as much as:

The vision you see.

The decisions you make.

The beliefs you have.

The peers you keep.

The priorities you choose.

I’m often asked what’s the secret to my success and the success of our most productive agents? It’s easy… EXECUTION. You see I know – and my team knows – ideas are plentiful yet ACTION is the formula to make ideas successful

So my question today is, what’s holding you back?

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small parts.

Are you ready to stop talking, thinking, stalling or getting ready to get ready?

Execution is a NOUN. Let’s GO!

Read more on how to reach your success in my previous blog – Success Is In The Doing.

The CEO Agent Mindset

The CEO Agent Mindset

As you know, being the CEO of your own business is a fun challenge… lots to do and focus on.  Yet consider this: if you are caught up in the whirlwind are you as effective as possible?  We all know that 20% of our effort creates 80% of our results.

Read below, is this a vision you can lean into?

I’m often asked, “what should I be doing?” The answer, keeping it super simple is –  P . L . A . N .

Everything else either: Delegate, Automate or Eliminate!

The next most common question? “When do I need to hire an assistant?”

Answer: NOW!

So to clarify, up to about 17 transactions your “assistants” are the preferred suppliers that surround you. Work with them to make your process as effective as possible.  Then at these trigger points your plan must address team structure: 18 transactions; 30 transactions; 61 transactions and 100+ all require a unique support structure.

Suggestion: schedule a 15-minute daily checkup with yourself (and your team members if appropriate) on how you’re doing on your P.L.A.N. At the end of the day, the three decisions we completely control over are:

  • What we focus on. (P.L.A.N. being one example.)
  • What meaning we attach to things, activities or events happening around us. (Fear. Fear is just false evidence appearing real.)
  • And, what we do in spite of the obstacles we face. (Mental toughness is staying in inspired action despite what’s happening around us.)

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5 Lessons From The Death Crawl Scene In “Facing the Giants”

5 Lessons From The Death Crawl Scene In “Facing the Giants”

Are you facing YOUR giant?

It’s all about mindset.

As we shared this video of being blindfolded at the Techapplooza event last year – I’m reminded that too often our own perception, surroundings, and beliefs get in the way of victory and success.  Or said another way, the meaning we assign to things becomes the lens through which we see the world.

5 lessons we can all learn from Facing The Giants.

Lesson 1 – Don’t Write A Bad Month Off As A Loss Before It’s Over

You never know how that last sales call, the last text, the last phone conversation or the last coffee meeting will turn out until it’s over.

It’s so easy to get discouraged when you are having a bad day or a bad month. Sales are off, morale is low, and you feel like crawling under a rock. It’s so easy to set yourself on “cruise control” for the remainder of the month and just focus on next month. While this can be a good thing to improve your performance for next month, writing off this month as a loss before it’s even over is the worst thing you can do.

If you have not seen the movie, the team ends up having a pretty successful season. Not astounding, but if they had just given up halfway through, they would not have seen the level of success that they achieved that season. The same can be said about your sales performance too. It’s not over until it’s over.

Staying in inspired action despite the circumstances surrounding you is the definition of mental toughness. Mental toughness can be developed with exercise, just like a muscle.

Lesson 2 – Once You Hit A Goal Don’t Give Up

In the scene, Coach Grant blindfolded Brock because he didn’t want him to give up once he hit the 50-yard line because he knew that he could exceed that goal. Brock, on the other hand, didn’t even believe that he could get to the 50-yard line in the first place.

Often times, we see a sales quota or a bonus level and decide that is our goal and once we hit that goal, we can just give up and focus on the next month. This scene shatters that belief. If Brock would have just given up at the 50, he never would have believed that he could make it the entire field. Much like in sales, if you stop at $10k in sales because that’s the goal in your head, you could be missing out on $20k month or better.

In a separate post, I’ve written about PROCESS goals, PERFORMANCE goals, and OUTCOME goals. Research shows those that focus on PROCESS goals achieve the OUTCOME more frequently than those that focus on the outcome goal itself.

Lesson 3 – Give Your VERY Best

We all go on listing appointments, buyer presentations, call, text or message prospects and go through a script. We handle the objections and do everything like we were taught. Yet, if you just do that, you might be a successful salesperson and might have a good month. What separates the good from the great are the salespeople who look at themselves after a call – whether a sale is made or not –  and can say “that was not my absolute very best, I can do better.

Those who learn how to give their absolute very best are the ones who are always at the top of the performance charts. I call it good, better, best. What was good… what could be better… what was the best? A great exercise for continuous improvement.

You see, there is a difference between giving something your best and giving something your very best. If Brock just gave it his best, he might have made it to the 75-yard line. Towards the end, when he was in extreme pain and was hurting, the coach Grant was literally screaming in his face for him to fight on and keep going. It didn’t matter how much Brock was hurting or how tired he was. Much to Brock’s amazement – and his teammates – he was able to do the entire field, but only by giving it his absolute very best.

Lesson 4 – You Inspire Others When You Perform At Your Best

At the beginning of this scene, Brock’s teammates were laughing at him and his attempt to make it to the 50-yard line with Jeremy on his back. In the end, they were speechless and the stood up in respect. If, as the top performer, you are exceeding your goals and are showing others that it can be done, people will follow suit and will start to believe that they can do it too. It will garner respect and will turn a joke and defeated environment to a serious and inspired one.

You can be an inspiration and an unstoppable force for good for others in your community.

Lesson 5 – No Matter What, Refuse To Walk Around Defeated

When top performers walk around with grim faces and an obvious feeling of defeat, it will permeate throughout the office and everyone will start to believe that they too are losers who can’t win. At the beginning of the clip, Brock openly said that he didn’t believe that they could win. You can see that his teammates were actually believing it. After the death crawl, it was an entirely different environment.

As a top performer, are you a negative Nelly or are you rallying the others around you? Walking around defeated before it’s even over only guarantees that you will lose. In the movie, even though they lost their best performer and had 6 straight years of losing, they were able to have a successful season.

How are YOU facing YOUR giant?

Over the last year, we’ve turned our training and technology offering on its head… you can attack this with vigor or crawl under a rock. You can be overwhelmed or step back and set a plan, you can do nothing or break it down into small parts and plan to win.

In the second half of the year, will you give your VERY best?

In the end, we all know the CHOICE is yours. We will provide the tools, the training, the support and the culture to enable success, the work belongs to each of us. Yes?!

You, me and America are too great to play small.

Let’s go!

Whose in?