Episode 83: Jason Ahlers - How To Stay Afloat And Thrive In A Less Favorable Economy | JP & Associates REALTORS®

Jason Ahlers was a full-time railroad worker before Real Estate came in the picture. In today’s episode, Jason explains how working in that field provided him with very accurate insights into the state of the US economy. Jason was able to take his learnings and understand the Real Estate market’s downturns and how to successfully shift his strategy to not only stay afloat but thrive in a less favorable economy.

Jason delves into the specifics of his market and how he’s being very successful at generating leads through highly-targeted campaigns through Facebook.

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“While the economy may have had a bad year, I never had a bad year. It all depends on how you position yourself into the situation: if you go into it being realistic and you have a good client base before we get into that market, you’re not going to have a problem” – Jason Ahlers, JP and Associates REALTORS®


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