Episode 86: Edith Melendez - How to Sell to a Millenial and The Power of Tools | JP & Associates REALTORS®

In this episode of Success Superstars, Edith Melendez sits down with Mark Johnson to discuss how to leverage any skillset into Real Estate.

Having worked in banking for years, Edith has been able to provide buyers and sellers with ‘behind-the-scenes’ expertise and detailed explanations of the whole process that most professionals in the industry can’t match. She felt inspired by being able to take control of her own professional success and to give back in ways that a corporate job wouldn’t have allowed her to. Edith talks about how to sell to millennials and the power of tools like owning targeted landing pages and Facebook Pixels.

” The best things in life don’t come easy. It’s all mind, it’s not so much the physical or sweat equity. Stop thinking poor or otherwise, you’ll be poor. If you want to get to certain places in life, you have to put in that work, no matter what’s going on on your personal life.” – Edith Melendez, JP and Associates REALTORS®

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