Staying Focused During Uncertain Times | JP & Associates REALTORS®

Unplanned events can disrupt everything. I’ve experienced that several times in my life. And we all know there’s nothing you can do to prevent unexpected events. There are some strategies to cope with. And coping, especially for self-employed business owners, is critical to maintaining the resources to recover and ultimately thrive. 

Work In Short Bursts

While it sounds simple, working in short bursts is not that easy, yet very useful during uncertain times. After all, you can’t truly focus when your world is in chaos. 

Working in short bursts only works if you know what you have to do. So, creating and keeping a list of things that you have to do becomes very helpful.  When you work in short bursts, the question “what’s the most critical task I can work on right now” becomes useful and essential. 

Every time you plan a moment to yourself, don’t play with your phone, but instead, squeeze in some work even if it’s only 8 or 10 minutes. Pick one thing that you feel like doing at that time or is critical for you to get done. Your goal is not to work like this forever. When you’ve weathered the storm, you’ll get back to your regular routine.  

Fuel Yourself

Life is very demanding and even more so during a crisis. You need proper fuel, rest, and support to handle the physical and mental stress that you endure. As a business owner, the weight is on your shoulder yet it’s ok to permit yourself to: 

  • Decide what matters 
  • Scale back 
  • Rest and refuel 

Stay Focused On Your Tasks

When something important interrupts your life, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision. Before you know it, your whole life is disrupted. 

  • Prioritize and delegate 
  • Use your support system 
  • Stay in the moment, what needs to get done now

For self-employed business owners coping in a time of crisis is critical to maintaining the resources to recover and ultimately thrive. Preparing in advance can make coping easier.


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