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One of my favorite leadership authors is John Maxwell. Looking at my own leadership development, I found this list of five leadership syndromes from John very helpful. Take a look, I’ve recapped all five below:

The “No Vacancy” Syndrome

Being content with the status quo leads to no growth. You and your team are either growing or shrinking. There is no way to just hover. If you are trying to hover you will get blown backwards. #Growth

The “Nostalgia” Syndrome

You will achieve what you plan to achieve. This dramatically affects most people. We spend more time reviewing the past then planning for the future. We all need to review the past so that we are able to invest our knowledge of our past into our future. The only way to effectively invest is to have a plan. Make sure to schedule in 30 minutes of daily planning. #Discipline

The “Problem-Solving” Syndrome

This is where we spend vast amounts of time on problem-solving. It is important that we solve the big ones quickly and efficiently. Often we get caught up trying to make things perfect. We try to solve all the minutia overnight. Work to improve a little bit daily. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Progress not #perfection

The “Big Enough Now” Syndrome

We are overloaded. We don’t have the ability to lead because our plate is too full. Leadership goes out of the window because we are reacting to our business and lives. Staying in the reactive mode for long periods of time relinquishes control of your business, prospects, clients. It allows the marketplace to take control and steer your business. Either the day rules you or you rule the day. #WinTheDay

The “Lazarus” Syndrome

This is where too much time and energy is spent trying to resuscitate dead plans or programs. We need to evaluate carefully the value of spending more time in a losing cause. Real estate agents live in this syndrome. They will continue to work on leads that are dead. Agents will take dead, overpriced listings and they work with buyers who are not qualified. Don’t waste your time working with the dead. #Qualify

John Maxell’s suggestion is to evaluate your operational style regularly. Check yourself, your staff, and your procedures to ensure long term growth and long term wins. Great coaching, now it’s time to take action.

Let me know which syndrome you will conquer this week.



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