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The paradox is this: we need both uncertainty and certainty in our business and our lives. I’m sure you would agree – without a doubt – we are in uncertain times.

It seems at this moment in time; we have more uncertainty than certainty.

So how can we create a little more certainty?

Get Clear On What You Really Want?

  • Create a picture of what it is that you truly want
  • Does this excite you?
  • Does it move you emotionally?
  • Envision it, see how it makes you feel
  • These steps help you regain balance and drive

Connect Emotionally With Your Why.

  • Getting clear on the purpose of what you want
  • You know you found it when your purpose resonates and moves you emotionally
  • When you feel stuck or lost, two questions:
    • “If I don’t do this, this is what it will cost me,” or
    • “If I do this, then this is what I can gain.”

Make It Part Of Everyday!

  • Create your daily action checklist and follow it
  • What’s the ONE routine you must do every day to win the day?
    • Like your P.E.D.S.
      • Prayer
      • Exercise
      • Diet
      • Sleep
    • What’s are the critical activities that move the needle?
      • Marketing that creates NEW appointments
      • Building and maintaining relationships
      • Servicing existing clients and prospects
      • Anticipating and solving problems BEFORE they arise
      • Completing that project
    • Place it all in your calendar and protect your time blocks

Have you ever worked backward from Friday? At the end of the week, you are sitting down and looking back… what would make this week great? Vision that and block your calendar accordingly. I like to say work backward from yes!

If you show up for the day with no structure in your calendar and decide to do “urgent” tasks like returning calls and texts and checking Facebook, those activities will expand and eat up all the time you hoped to devote to more “important” activities. You will end the day unfulfilled and have more uncertainty.

We know that work will expand to the time you give it! So assign time blocks to every task. And remember DONE is better than PERFECT every time!

The best way I’ve found to make the “important” significant – and create more certainty in all that you do – is to prioritize them and build them into your calendar first.

Are you tired of not getting what you want? If so, you might want to read this article about Mario Lemieux.

What is your next step?

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” ~ Stephen Covey

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