Who Doesn’t Want Results Faster?

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Who Doesn’t Want Results Faster?

I’ve worked with enough of you to know you want results, and you want them NOW! Yet, when the results don’t come in as fast as you desire, where do you turn?

The best way to achieve a breakthrough is to become more intentional
about your thinking and your time.

Every challenge is a“thinking problem or a time problem!” If you are not getting the results, you want it might be related to your thinking or how you spend your time.

To change your results, you must be willing to change your
thinking and how you invest your time.

Consider this, what is the best use of my time right now? At JPAR, we have a workbook to help you analyze the value of your time, and if you have not completed that exercise, I’d highly encourage you to do so now. eMail us at careers@jpar.com for a complimentary copy.

Now once you know the value of your time, there are three types of thinking you can adopt to place yourself in a breakthrough position:

  1. No excuse thinking
  2. Solution-oriented thinking
  3. Longer-term thinking

And when you expand your thinking, you now can ask yourself more enabling questions. Like these:

  1. What is holding me back?
  2. What if
  3. How can I …?
  4.  Who else is doing “it” that I can model?
  5. What resources do I need?
  6.  What obstacles do I need to overcome?

Now that we’ve expanded our thinking and we know the value of our time. Focus ensures you consistently zero in on what matters most. During the exercise – to determine the value of your time – you created a list of “high leverage activities” and a list of “low leverage activities.” By automating, delegating, or eliminating low leverage activities, you free up your focus to drive those areas to create the most significant impact.

One of the ways to focus on your unique ability is to expand your business and life “team.” For example:

  • Home – handyman, landscaper, plumber, painter, cleaning crew
  • Business – virtual assistant, transaction coordinator, mentor, CPA, attorney, loan officer
  • Personal – pastor, small group, trainer, doctor, baby, and dog sitter

Another way to say this is to expand and develop your tribe. It takes a village, and you simply can’t do it alone and be free to focus on your high leverage activities.

Wrapping this up, the results accelerator is activated with clarity, focus, and execution. Clarity of what you want and why. Focus on what matters while letting go of the rest. With clarity and focus, you are in the best position to execute with confidence and precision.

Clarity, focus, and execution are the keys to success and the path to creating more results faster.


About the Author
Mark is the Chief Executive Officer of JPAR Real Estate, a rapidly growing full-service transaction-based real estate brokerage, the host of "Success Superstars," a weekly show that highlights the blueprint of agent success, and the co-founder of CoRecruit. He has invested decades in understanding the inner workings of high-performing real estate companies, managers, teams, and their leaders in major markets across the world. Mark has served as a business coach in progressive leadership capacities for one of the largest US-based real estate firms, in sales and customer marketing leadership capacities for a major consumer goods company, and served in the US Army. Mark is a father of 3, a lifelong learner, Spartan, and adventure athlete. He earned his MBA from California State University and a Behavioral Change Certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine.