JPAR® - Commercial


JPAR® - Real Estate is a full-service firm for commercial real estate. We provide high caliber services to owners, investors and tenants, delivered with the focused attention only a privately-owned firm can offer. After growing the largest independently owned residential real estate firm, we set our sights on complementary commercial real estate. 

We measure our success by striving to exceed the expectations of our clients with the solutions provided by our high-level team. As a result of this business practice, JPAR has succeeded alongside our clients.

As you are evaluating your commercial firm, think about these three things:

Some specialize in either residential or commercial property. Using one with plenty of experience can sometimes save you money, because they can anticipate issues and deal with them immediately.

You want a team that knows the city or neighborhood you’re investing in. If you need a local plumber, electrician, or cleaning service in a hurry, a good local manager can get you one.

Read the reviews and let the growth speak for itself. You want to be a aligned with the fastest growing firm in Texas. Growth is contagious!