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Don’t Settle

Over my career, I’ve coached many real estate professionals and entrepreneurs who just feel uninspired or flat. There is one common theme: Settling for safe! When they were new to the business, they pushed their comfort zones, tried new and innovative things to launch...

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Episode 126: Brad and Paula Baldwin – There’s No Giving Up

Today on episode 126 of Success Superstars, JPAR's Brad and Paula Baldwin from the Southlake, Texas market sits down with Mark Johnson, CEO of JPAR to talk about persevering despite large obstacles that have been thrown at them. "There's no giving up." - Brad Baldwin...

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Differentiate Or Die

Frequently when I’m consulting with real estate team leaders and agents, I’m told, “well, Mark, everyone is the same, just like me!” And I say: “differentiate or die.” Think about it; you can get gas for your car anywhere. You can take any airline or rental car firm...

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Episode 125:Michelle Barre – Don’t Ever Tell Me I Can’t Do something

Today on episode 125 of Success Superstars, JPAR's Michelle Barre from the San Antonio market sits down with Mark Johnson, CEO of JPAR to talk about her having brain surgery to overcome epilepsy. Now she's developed expertise in short sales and expired listings. She...

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The Number One Habit To Develop – Become An Anteater!

My acquaintance Dr. Danial Amen wrote about his experience with ants. After a hard day at the office, he arrived home and found thousands of ants in his kitchen as he started to clean them up, an acronym developed in his mind – ANTs.  Just like the infested kitchen,...

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Episode 124: Dr. Shane Creado – Peak Performance

Today Mark interviews peak performance expert Dr. Shane Creado. Mark talks with Dr. Creado about productivity and the keys to peak performance. We all make 100's of decisions a day, is that taxing on the brain? Studies show your brain is just like a muscle. When your...

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