Empowering Women in Real Estate: JPAR® WELL Interview Series Spotlights Trailblazing Entrepreneur Jemila Winsey

In its ongoing commitment to championing women leaders in the real estate industry, JPAR® proudly presents the latest episode of its JPAR® WELL Interview Series. This installment features a compelling conversation with Jemila Winsey, owner of ERA Legacy Living in Houston, Texas, whose journey from overachiever in Nigeria to top-performing entrepreneur is truly inspiring.

Laura O’Connor, President and COO of JPAR® Affiliate Network, emphasizes that “WELL stands for Women Empowering, Listening, and Leveraging, and Jemila Winsey embodies these principles wholeheartedly.” Through this interview series, JPAR® aims to amplify the voices of women leaders like Jemila, who are making a difference, fostering collaboration, and driving meaningful change in the real estate industry.

Jemila Winsey’s remarkable journey is one of resilience and success, from facing homelessness in the United States to becoming a top performer with over a billion dollars in sales volume, ranking in the top 1.5% of brokerages in the country. The interview delves into the transformative experiences that have shaped her path, highlighting the importance of empowerment, listening, and leveraging relationships for positive change.

Reflecting on her transition from a corporate job to entrepreneurship, Jemila emphasizes the significance of understanding business dynamics and translating that knowledge to guide others. Her dedication to helping agents build their businesses aligns seamlessly with JPAR WELL’s mission of empowering women leaders in real estate.

Jemila Winsey expressed her honor in being part of the JPAR WELL Interview Series, stating, “It’s a platform that celebrates the diverse stories of women in real estate and highlights the importance of empowerment, listening, and leveraging relationships to drive positive change.”

The JPAR WELL Interview Series aims to foster a sense of community and empowerment among women in the real estate industry. Through candid conversations, the series brings to light the achievements, struggles, and triumphs of women leaders, creating an environment where shared experiences become a source of inspiration and support for others in the field.

As JPAR continues to lead the way in innovation and collaboration within the real estate sector, the JPAR WELL Interview Series serves as a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to women’s leadership, empowerment, and positive industry transformation.

To watch the full interview with Jemila Winsey and explore other empowering stories from the JPAR WELL Interview Series, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=chQjYEwNG3E and www.jpar.com/category/jpar-well-interview-series/ respectively.

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