Crush Your Goals with Fun and Accountability

progress not perfection

Being accountable may sound like an intimidating task, but it’s actually a fun and simple way to improve your life. It’s like being your own boss and setting yourself up for success! I love how our President & CEO, Chris Sears puts it, “Accountability is a commitment to yourself.”

Here are some easy steps to get started:

Own your actions

When you make a mistake, don’t blame others or make excuses. Take ownership of your actions and learn from them. This may sound scary, but it’s actually liberating to know that you have control over your life.

Set clear goals

Think about what you want to achieve and set clear goals for yourself. Make sure your goals are realistic and measurable so that you can track your progress. Don’t be afraid to dream big and aim high!

Track your progress

Keep track of your progress and celebrate your successes along the way. This will help you stay motivated and focused on your goals. You can use a journal, a spreadsheet, or an app to track your progress.

Be honest with yourself

If you fall short of your goals, be honest with yourself and figure out why. Was it a lack of effort or a lack of resources? Use this information to make changes and improve in the future.

Have fun Being accountable doesn’t have to be boring or stressful. Have fun with it! Reward yourself for achieving your goals, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up. Remember, accountability is about progress, not perfection.

Again, taking responsibility for your actions is an easy and fun way to improve your life. By setting clear goals, tracking your progress, being honest with yourself, and enjoying the process, you can achieve anything you want. So, give it a try! You might surprise yourself with what you can do.

About the Author
Shannon Ashkinos is the Vice President of Connections and Career Success at JPAR® Real Estate. She is an accomplished leader committed to fostering dynamic and high-performing teams through a focus on empowerment, mentorship, and the promotion of inclusive values and cultures. With a passion for developing the next generation of leaders, Shannon is dedicated to driving success and positive change.