Heartfelt Reflection of Veterans Day

As the sun sets after Veterans Day, my heart remains full of gratitude for the incredible men and women who have given so much in service to our nation. This past weekend, we came together to honor their bravery and to acknowledge the sacrifices etched into their stories. Today, as the echoes of ceremonies fade, I find myself contemplating how we can transform our appreciation into meaningful, ongoing support for our veterans.

Veterans Day is a poignant reminder of the strength and dedication embodied by those who wore the uniform. It’s a day when we collectively pause to express our thanks, attend heartfelt ceremonies, and listen to the narratives that echo the price of freedom. These moments allow us to convey our gratitude in words and gestures.

Just after Veterans Day is an important juncture, a time to consider how we can extend our gratitude beyond the confines of a single day. It’s a moment to translate our appreciation into action, to weave the spirit of yesterday into the fabric of our everyday lives. For me, this means actively seeking ways to support the organizations dedicated to the well-being of our veterans.

I find solace in the idea of donating not only funds but also time and energy to these noble causes. Volunteering at a local veterans’ center, contributing to scholarship funds, or simply being present for a veteran in need are ways in which we can embody our gratitude. These actions transcend mere words; they become a testament to the sincerity of our appreciation.

Moreover, educating ourselves about the unique challenges faced by veterans is an essential part of this journey. Learning about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the struggles of reintegration, and the hurdles in securing employment post-service helps us empathize on a deeper level. Armed with this understanding, we can advocate for policies that genuinely address the needs of our veterans.

In the workplace, creating an environment that embraces veterans is a responsibility we all share. Businesses can implement veteran-friendly initiatives, such as hiring programs, mentorship opportunities, and flexible work arrangements. These efforts contribute to a seamless transition for our veterans into civilian life.

As I reflect after Veterans Day, I am reminded that gratitude is a continuous journey, not a fleeting moment. It’s an ongoing commitment to ensuring that our veterans feel seen and supported every day of the year. Let us carry the sincerity of Veterans Day forward, infusing it into our daily actions, and creating a legacy of gratitude that endures for those who have served our nation with unwavering courage and dedication.

About the Author
Shannon Ashkinos
Shannon Ashkinos is the Vice President of Connections and Career Success at JPAR® Real Estate. She is an accomplished leader committed to fostering dynamic and high-performing teams through a focus on empowerment, mentorship, and the promotion of inclusive values and cultures. With a passion for developing the next generation of leaders, Shannon is dedicated to driving success and positive change.