A new day…A new year

A new day…a new year.

We all have our individual approaches to using the start of a New Year as an impetus to realign or refocus. The key regardless of the approach is consistency in execution.

Of course, establishing goals, and objectives, and having a plan are critical components to achieving that next level, however, as the famous General George Patton said, “a good plan violently executed is better than a perfect plan tomorrow”.

Don’t get analysis paralysis. Know what’s necessary to set the course and perfect the plan as you move forward. No excuse. No matter what take action today, repeat it tomorrow, the day after, and so on, and watch what’s possible.

About the Author
Rick Davidson is the CEO of Cairn Real Estate Holdings and is the Owner of JPAR Real Estate and JPAR Franchising, LLC. He is the current CEO of our franchising division and oversees our corporate expansion efforts. Rick is a real estate veteran with over 30 years of experience ranging from sales and executive positions to brokerage and company ownership.