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Episode 69: Success Superstars

Episode 69: Success Superstars

On this episode of Success Superstars, we meet Jennifer Lowery, who has known the Real Estate business since she was a young girl assisting her REALTOR® mom in various roles.

After graduating in Geology, Jennifer quickly realized that the industry wasn’t a good match for her bubbly, warm personality. Jennifer believed that there was a career where her strong interpersonal skills would serve her well and so in 2016 she made the move to professional real estate sales.

Jennifer glows when talking about the clients she gets to help every day: she admits that her biggest “joy is helping people” make the most important purchase of their lives. On this episode, Jennifer also touches on one of the most important and overlooked topics for REALTORS®: saving money for taxes after closing.

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“You cannot do this alone, you need to have a support group.” – Jennifer Lowery, JP and Associates REALTORS®
JP & Associates REALTORS® Now America’s Fastest-Growing 100% Commission Brokerage & Franchise

JP & Associates REALTORS® Now America’s Fastest-Growing 100% Commission Brokerage & Franchise

In just seven years, JPAR has experienced phenomenal growth.  Founded 2011, Frisco, TX, the company now ranks as one of the top 50 real estate brokerages in the US with almost 3,000 agents.  In fact, over 40 franchises were sold within its first six months of operations.

JPAR Fastest-Growing

“I am incredibly elated, honored and humbled,” said Giuseppe ‘JP’ Piccinini, Founder/Owner of JP & Associates REALTORS®. “We owe our agent and staff a great deal of gratitude for being the driving factor behind our next-gen. brokerage model. In combination with our culture and values of productivity and service, they have lifted us as one of the most successful real estate brands across the United States.”

Mark Johnson, CEO of JPAR’s company-owned stores, said, “We are a top producer’s dream! As an industry-disruptor, JP & Associates REALTORS® challenges the status quo and traditional mold of operating a brokerage. Operating as a full-service brokerage, on a transaction fee model with a culture of service and productivity enables us to create an industry-leading level of per person production.”

“Our rapid growth and expansion are due in part to our agent-centric business model,” said Frank Gay, CEO of JPAR Franchising, LLC. “JPAR was established under a simple pretense; offer agents everything they would want and need in a brokerage. Experienced real estate professionals appreciate the system for success we have developed; therefore, they are eager to join our family of agents and franchise owners.”

While JPAR agents benefit from elite technology products, free trainings, company leads, health care and retirement options, a unique iBuyer platform (JPAR Instant Offers), and other valuable assets, franchise owners have access to superior recruiting methods and best practices, enterprise discounts, preferred supplier networks, training, centralized support, and even centralized compliance processing.

Geoff Lewis, former President of RE/MAX Holdings, LLC., recently joined JPAR as the President of Vesuvius Holdings, LLC., the parent company of JP & Associates REALTORS® and JPAR Franchising.

“Since I left RE/MAX Holdings, RE/MAX and the other traditional companies have been losing agents. I wanted to associate with and help grow a real estate company whose business model is relevant and attractive to brokers and agents competing in today’s highly competitive market,” says Lewis. “JP Piccinini is the most dynamic and innovative visionary in real estate today. JP has leveraged his company’s strong position in the Texas market to begin franchising his unique concept. JPAR has already sold 40 franchises in seven states in the last six months. In addition, JPAR was recently nominated for the INMAN Innovator award for the Most Innovative Broker of the Year. I look forward to helping grow the JPAR brand across all fifty states, Canada and internationally.”

With over 150 agents joining each month and franchises continuously selling and opening across the US, JPAR shows zero signs of slowing down.

JP & Associates REALTORS® (JPAR) is one of the top 50 real estate brokerages.  A full-service transaction fee-based real estate brokerage, it has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing brokerages in the country by REAL TRENDS. JPAR has been honored by Inman Real Estate News, Inman Connect, and is a back-to-back INC5000 nominee.

JPAR operates multiple offices across TexasLouisianaSouth CarolinaNorth CarolinaGeorgiaArizonaNew Mexico, and Florida, is expanding nationwide, and offers franchising opportunities for entrepreneurial real estate professionals.

To learn more about becoming an agent or franchising with JP & Associates REALTORS®, visit


Episode 68: Success Superstars

Episode 68: Success Superstars

This week’s episode of Success Superstars is all about having the drive to hustle and to be creative in how to drive traffic to your business!

Dustin Helms has had a crushing first year in Real Estate: his background in sales and his confidence to dive headfirst without a plan B meant that hard work can pay off as he finished the year with $5.4 in closing transactions.

According to Dustin, being an extraordinary Realtor is making sure your client sees the value in your work: “if you don’t believe that you’ll be saving your client money then, they won’t believe it either”. Dustin also highlights how key it is to figure out the property’s selling points and flaws long time before adding it to the MLS.

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“Give something, then ask something in return” – Dustin Helms, JP and Associates Realtors®
Episode 67: Success Superstars

Episode 67: Success Superstars

On this episode of Success Superstars, we meet Mario Ayala from the El Paso Market.

Mario started his Real Estate career serving his local builders’ market and only three years later he fully transitioned into running his own team at JP and Associates.

Also, learn about the strategies and marketing tools that helped Mario build his momentum of getting 300 closings a year, and how video marketing is taking over Real Estate.

Now available on the go: listen to inspirational stories on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, just search ‘Success Superstars’ anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.

“Coaching is something that I strongly recommend, whether it’s a top-leading organization or any other organization.” –  Mario Ayala,JP and Associates REALTORS®, El Paso


The Quantum Leap Strategy

The Quantum Leap Strategy

Consider this:

  • Today’s smartphone has the same computing power as the whole US government in 1983
  • 3D printing is the only technology where a more complex object doesn’t cost more to make
  • The average lifespan of an S&P 500 company has gone from 67 years to 12 years today
  • Autonomous driving cars will prevent 30,000 road deaths in the US alone

Exponential Growth

Exponential growth does not just apply to technology, large or small firms. Exponential growth applies to you and me.

One of the most influential books I’ve read. The book is just 36 pages long yet is packed with practical insight and action creating motivation. It’s called You Squared by Price Pritchett.  It is basically an instruction manual for taking a quantum leap in your business and life.

Pritchett states “we don’t have to be content with incremental, gradual change through the application of hard work.  Rather, we are capable of an explosive jump in performance at an accelerated rate, and it requires less effort.” How?

Here is a summary:

Quit Trying Harder – Trying harder only produces incremental gains.  A quantum shift is an elegant solution requiring less effort.

Ignore Conventional Approaches – A quantum leap requires an abrupt change in behavior. It requires finesse over effort, simplicity over complexity, a new paradigm and a fresh perspective.

Think Beyond What Common Sense Would Allow – Quantum leaps require “uncommon sense.” Rethink your thinking.  Violate the boundaries of the probable.

Suspend Disbelief – Act as if your success is for certain and proceed boldly.

Focus On Ends Rather Than Means – It is crucial to have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish.  Solutions will appear. Draw the map as you go.

Rely On Unseen Forces – When you focus on the clear picture of what you want to accomplish and move confidently toward it, unexpected and unknown resources materialize.

Choose A Different Set Of Rules – You can never avoid risk, you can only choose which risks you will take.  Risk believing in yourself.

Trust In The Power Of The Pursuit – Dreams begin to crystallize into reality when they are pursued because the world behaves differently when you go after what you want.

Seek Failure – Unless you are willing to fail, you will never have the opportunity to test the limits of what you are capable of accomplishing.

Get Uncomfortable – Quantum leaps jerk you out of your comfort zone.  If you aren’t experiencing discomfort, the risk you are taking probably isn’t worthy of you.

Open Your Gifts – There are unused gifts waiting to play a role in your quantum leap, open them.

Fall In Love – Create a dramatic dream that goes beyond the ‘reasonable’, and then allow it to become your “magnificent obsession.”

Make Your Move Before You Are Ready – You don’t prepare for a quantum leap, you make it… and then you fine-tune as you go.

Look Inside For The Opportunity – Everything else that’s needed comes from inside you, not from anything outside you.

If you choose to take the leap, I invite you to consider what area of your business is holding you back?

Maybe it’s hiring an assistant; maybe it’s outsourcing that new digital ad campaign you desire but don’t have the skills or time to pursue; maybe it’s delegating your files to a transaction coordinator? Whatever it is, one or more of the principles Pritchett presents, I suspect resonates with you, so…  just do it!

Take the leap… and see you and your business take a quantum leap.


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